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NOVEMBER 11-12, 2023

The same story...from another’s eyes. This realistic story of an unruly son who challenges his father’s faith moves the audience to gauge if their own hearts, when broken, can sustain love for the ones lost in the world. This drama takes us on a journey of redemption and soul-searching truths of what it takes to love past, each other’s past. Set in modern times, Prodigal Father entertains audiences through dynamic lighting, sound, and stage effects. The real just got more real

Choices Cover.jpg

JANUARY 20-21, 2024

In a world of infinite possibilities, the average person makes 35,000 decisions daily.  Some choices are easy to make, while others pose consequences we sometimes regret.  Still, hard choices Must be made. This 3-Act Urban Drama takes the audience through realistic scenarios that plague our communities nationwide.   Mindset of poverty (The Lick) Cyber Bullying (The Trick) Mental Health (The Family) Each story unfolds with unexpected consequences that will leave the audience in awe.

Don't Drop Momma by, Z. F. Taylor

MARCH 16-17, 2024

After losing the matriarch of the family the best of the Spark Family quickly turns into the worst of them when hidden truths, previously swept under the rug become too heavy for the family to bear. This comedic musical drama forces us to choose which is more important; carrying the weight of Mama’s legacy or spilling all the family secrets that will destroy the Spark Family forever. F.O.E. (Family Over Everything/one) is a mantra passed down from generation to generation in the Spark Family.


"Set Me Free"

MAY 25-26, 2024

The prequal to "Ready to Grow", Set Me Free brings awareness to the hidden issue of domestic violence committed towards Men.

"Ready to Grow" - R2G Part I

JULY 20-21, 2024

LONNY HAWTHORNE is a wealthy married man that seems to have everything but lacks confidence of what his next move should be.  His business has taken a hit after the recent market crash and finds himself searching for work until he can build his company back up.  While there is security in their finances there is no glory in a man that is being taken care of by his wife; and she lets him know it every chance she gets.

Unable to break the communication barrier between him and his wife, BRANDY HAWTHORNE, LONNY decides to lean on an outside source and accept an unorthodox job** that changes his life forever.  Unaware of the true logistics behind the task his brother, B’ HAWTHORNE hired him for, LONNY steps into a world of uncertainties that puts his endurance to the test. 

Ready to Grow by, Z. F. Taylor
Ready to Grow by, Z. F. Taylor

"Don't Say Anything" - R2G Part II

SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2024

Part two, will challenge the natural instincts of our culture. Bringing what is done in the dark to the light, it will raise the question, is one man's healing worth exposing an entire family's secret? Can the joy of growing come from the stretch of pain? What will happen to LONNY’S relationship with God when the devil greets him at the church door?


This second phase of "Ready to Grow" will inspire you to remove the masks, move beyond your past and speak your truth. 


Audiences will be moved by this story told through acting, singing, and humor. 'Ready To Grow, Part II' is a story that will take audiences on an emotional journey of tears and joy. It will encourage anyone who is "Ready to Grow!"  

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